A platform that will create a new world for investors to find an promising project verified by experts and communities, eliminate bad investment decisions


Swapchain world is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform. Swapchain offers token creation through Swap smart contracts. All transaction information and the distribution of funds will always be to ensure transparency and clarity based on the works of SmartContract.

Swapchain is a demonstration of transparency, enough of all of these factors constitutes an ICO in the clean, professional and successful.


The mission of creating a revolution in global payment solutions: Create a platform for application to solve payment problems in life, especially in mini-payment through blockchain technology and meet the development of non-cash payment needs in the world.


With our experienced technology team in Dubai developing BFT technology aimed at solving 3 technological problems: transaction fees, transaction confirmation speed & security.


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Store of value

Swapchain represents a real digital storage medium just like gold, silver or bitcoin.

Limited supply

The scarcity of the token guarantees a return on investment.


For Swap prevent and reduce inflation are essential tasks chain.

Security driven governance

Swapchain Blockchain governance is only related to performance and fault management.


Swapchain is the only Blockchain imposing a balanced crowdfunding relationship.


Swapchain is not influenced by any entity or organization.

Smart Contracts

Advanced, Comprehensive Smart Contract Capabilities:

Swapchain is the first absolutely autonomous blockchain platform. The Swapchain platform allows for the creation of independent, decentralized services due to a new smart contract tool.

A “smart contract” is the most crucial piece of your technical ecosystem. Vulnerabilities in a contract can be exploited by malicious actors, leading to stolen and often unrecoverable funds, or unintentional code executions that could result in the locking up of millions of dollars. Any company deploying a smart contract has a responsibility not only to their investors, clients and partners, but to the community as a whole to ensure that their smart contract is secure.

Smart contract is a special protocol with the objective is to contribute, validate or conducting the negotiation process and the implementation of the contract. Smart contract allows us to deploy without transaction through a third party to mediate.

These transactions easily trace and cannot be interfered or reversing. Smart contract containing all details about the terms and make them automatically.


Smart Contract works correctly based on the strengths of blockchain. All the conditions and transaction information is saved and system cannot interfere.


All transaction information is clearly biochemical transparency. Everyone involved in the system have the right to access and view the information of individuals and stakeholders but cannot intervene and edit.

The confidentiality

Smart contract is encrypted and distributed to the node. This way ensures that it will not be lost or modified without permission.

Storage & Backup

All information via Smart Contract are kept accurate automatically and permanently to be able to recover easily, quickly. Preventing cases of hacker intrusion and delete the information.



Allows the ICO launcher to edit, check, test and publish its SWAP contract on the blockchain.


An online service to manage ICO campaign through an intuitive graphical wizard while offering the classic features of the dashboard and much more.


These ICO have been published in the system and have been evaluated by experts and rated with many different tools.


Posted ICO project potential and allow people to see reviews and direct purchase token code listed.

Smart Wallet

Allows the purchase and storage of SWAP tokens, participation in different ICOs, portfolio monitoring, and voting for or against current projects.


This is a private cryptocurrency exchange that supports all ICOs launched via the Swapchain platform.

Swapchain decentralized exchange

Through SwapTrade, Swapchain want to extract 40% from transaction fees intended to reward investors with reserves of 200,000 or greater token coin. Apart from this condition, the Swapchain will be based on the time the largest volume traded during the day as a reward. After every 48 hours the percent commission will be statistics and sent directly to such investors.

Introducing swapcard mini payment

What is Swapcard?

Swapcard is a debit card (VISA Card) cryptocurrency which is expected to create a revolutionary global change and mobile wallet solution for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Swapcoin and other ERC20 currencies. Swapcard allows customers to spend and transfer money at the interbank rate, which saves between $ 50 and $ 60 for every $ 500 used. In addition, this Swapcard also works on payment networks that accept Visa, Master card.


  • International transfer with 10 currencies to 70 countries with fixed interbank interest rates.

  • Trading extremely fast and almost zero between Swapcard users, the money after successful transfer will be available for immediate use and fully accessible via Swapcard® card.

  • Open an account via mobile application for less than 3 minutes.

  • Using Ether or Bitcoin, swapcoin and other virtual currencies with Swapcard, the card is accepted for both online and offline.


Q4 - 2018

+ Ideas for Swapcard, Swapexchange, Bot AI projects

+ Development of the first prototypes

+ Team expansion and strategic partnership


Q1 - 2019

Website launch +

Private ICO +

Grand launch event +


Q2 - 2019

+ Release alpha version Swap Exchange

+ Bot AI launching

+ Legal issues setting

In development

Q3 - 2019

Marketing campaign and community development strategy +

Develop strategy partners +

Release Alpha version Swapcard +

In development

Q4 - 2019

+ Promotion campaign. Bounty - Airdrop

+ Client Gala Dinner event

+ Development market in Southeast Asia

In development

Q1 - 2020

Release Beta version Swap Exchange - for end users. +

Upgrade investment platform +

Promotion campaign for ICO public sale +

In development

Q2 - 2020

+ Global marketing campaigns

+ Mainnet start

+ Release of Swapcard to customers

In development

Q3 - 2020

Develop strategy partners +

Game +

API - Business connection port +

In development

Q4 - 2020

+ Expand the community

+ Final product launch and full support

+ Roadshow event



Swapchain records increased investment after a grand launch event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On 23rd February 2019, Swapchain project grand launching ceremony took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Grand opening event: Swapchain project

Swapchain by Swaptech recently came together in Kuala Lumpa to demonstrate their product to the world.